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Who we are

Toni and Catalina, two young people who have been managing the Lluriach Vell Estate for 17 years, produce their own sausages and cheeses in a traditional and artisanal way. For them it is important to diversify the work in the field, to give added value to the farm production. The Mahón-Menorca appellation of origin cheeses and the sausages they produce with great esteem, have been received with very good consideration by their customers. They sell them both in stores and at local markets. 

Catalina Salom Coll
Cattle Breeder
and Mother
She fully joined the estate in 2004, when she was offered to work with her husband, Toni Bosch Moll, who was already on the job.
Thus, Catalina exchanged her post as administrative assistant, to join the primary sector. As a child she was already attracted to it, as her mother's family was connected to the countryside and she always liked animals.
For Catalina, The field work ads to her role as mother of two girls, Aina, 10years old, and Laia, 6.
Catherine who loves horses, in the 2015-16 biennium was the first “Caixera pagesa” in the history of the Sant Martí festivities. Which she really enjoyed as you can see in the photo below:

Toni Bosch Moll
Husband and Father

Began working in the field at a very young age with his father, He likes to apply ancestral techniques to maintain Traditions, combining them with modern techniques as justified. In addition to sharing the love for horses with his wife Catalina. He also loves to participate as a family in the morphological competitions with his best specimens, with which he is wins awards and distinctions.

2015 Sant Marti festivities
2015 de Sant Joan festivities
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