Taco de Sobrassada Poltrú de Pagès
piece of Soubressada Poltrú

piece of Soubressada Poltrú


Taco de Sobrasada de Poltrú

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We produce our Sobrasada [Sobrassada in Menorquin] start from our own pigs born on the Farm and created in freedom. Pigs have a good life, a diet balanced based on carbohydrates from cereals of the best quality, and proteins from the whey of the milk of our Cows. The entire production process is in our own hands. Meat of special quality and low in grass is processed according to the family recipe at the farm with modern facilities.

Menorcan sausage wrapped in natural pork casing, and composed of lean pork, all mixed with sweet paprika, salt and spices!

It is a fantastic food for snacks, appetizers, dinners or to spice up your dishes in the kitchen. Never losing the flavor and the authentic essence of menorca giving one more point to the palate.

Ingredients: Artisanal and hardened in our natural dryer.
Ingredients: Lean meat and pork bacon, sweet and spicy paprika, antioxidant: (E-320,E321; BHA,BHT) and salt.

Preparation: All ingredients are mixed, stuffed into natural pork casings and left to dry.

Having less healing time has a weaker flavor than the cured sobrasada

It is recommended to consume raw, accompanied with bread or toast.

It can also be accompanied by a little honey since it plays a lot with the flavor contrasts.

Piezas de Aproximadamiente: 200 gr.

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